Subdividing Land: Top 5 Tips From A Property Developer

Subdividing Land: Top 5 Tips From A Property Developer

Land subdivision is a property development practice whose popularity is increasing as land becomes scarce. It refers to the division of a parcel of land into two or more. Subdivision of land is done for purposes of development or selling for a profit. Here are 5 major factors to consider when subdividing land:

1. Know your Market

It is fundamental to understand the customers who are likely to purchase the subdivided land or developed property. Some customers prefer larger pieces of land than others. If the land is located in an affluent area, larger pieces are more preferable. Most importantly, determine if buyers are investors or occupiers before subdividing the land.

2. Learn the Planning Rules and Regulations

Australia has various planning rules and regulations that must be adhered to by all developers. Therefore, before starting the land subdivision process, ensure compliance with all government requirements.  Understanding the rules helps to avoid costly mistakes, for example, a building may have to be demolished if built in the wrong space or in the wrong way. This can be costly and very demoralizing to any investor.

3. Understand How West Australian Land is Shaped and Sloped

The shape and slope of land affect how many homes can be built on a certain property. Therefore, this information is critical in guiding the subdivision process. Some slopes may reduce the usable working area of a piece of land. Moreover, construction may be impractical on some pieces because of their shape or slope.

4. Engineer a Profitable Design Solution that Suits the West Australian Topography

Before committing to purchasing and subdividing land, assess the available profitable design solutions. This means studying the local market’s supply and demand for property. Notably, every site is different, and they all accommodate different designs of buildings. That said, it is better to spend time and effort on early research before closing on a piece of land.

5. Choose the Best Builder

There are so many details that go into the successful land subdivision. The right block for the subdivision has to be chosen along with the right timing. However, all these will be in vain without the right builder. That said, time must be taken to look for a professional and experienced builder to complete the project. This might help you choose the right developer: Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Property Developer


Normally, land subdivision and development projects involve a lot of money. Any mistakes made in the process may be irreversible or very costly. This is why you need a professional to hold your hand on this journey. Luckily, Realforce Property is the best property developer in Albany at very affordable prices. We have a reputation founded on trust, quality and loyalty to our customers.


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